FAQ’S (en)


Can I work or exercise the same day?

We recommend you allow yourself a good time of relax, both mental and physical after the massage. Your body will use this time to recover and re-establish his functions.

Can I eat before?

Minimum 2 hours since last meal, light if possible, so that the digestive system have time to finish his task.

What if I am pregnant?

It will help to release the pressure that the gain of weight produces on the joints, to drain fluid retention, to stimulate the circulation, to move and sleep better. You shouldn’t get a massage on the first 3 months of your pregnancy though.

When shouldn´t I receive a massage?

In case of fever, severe or contagious dermatologic disorder, inflammation, in the first trimester of pregnancy or risk pregnancy, inflammation of lymph nodes,vascular disease. Because each situation is different, if you have doubts, we recommend you to ask your doctor.

What benefits will I receive from the massage?

It stimulates the blood and lymphatic flow, raises the level of oxygen in the blood, strengthen the immunologic system, improves the posture, the skin´s elasticity, the range of motion and flexibility. It also helps with problems of insomnia, anxiety or nervous disorders…
The breathing becomes more fluid and deeper and so the nervous system rebalances, stress level lowers.

How often should I receive a massage?

If you come to relax, you can come at any time you wish, with regularity for maintenance. If you come for a specific pain it might be necessary to work in various followed sessions. For chronic pain, a weekly session is recommended.

How long should a session be?

We recommend 90 or at least 60 minutes, allowing us to work on the full body and in a deeper level.

If you are short in time, or just want to focus in a specific area, we can realise a shorter massage, of 30 minutes.

Do I have to make an appointment?

Yes, we work only by appointment, via WhatsApp and through the web site.